Iris Photonics

Security Holography for the Future



At Iris Photonics we have developed a true colour security hologram which we believe is a world leader. For brand protection, product security and identification security we believe there is no more advanced technology in the world.

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Iris's holograms are in full colour and holographically enumerated which makes them virtually impossible to copy or re-originate. Guaranteeing the security of your product to a level high above other available optical variable devices.

We have developed a mass production system for our full colour reflection holograms which enables us to produce high volumes of holograms of the very

highest quality. 

Iris's ability to enumerate and individualise holograms makes them the perfect security solution for identification documents. 

The directors of Iris Photonics have over 75 years combined experience in the worlds of holography and engineering. We intend to ensure we bring the next generation of security holography to the market, for a safer world.


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